What is Raclette?

It is a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted part onto any dishes like potato, meat or vegetables...

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New Raclette way

With our fromagette set and some candles you can melt cheese on your table, fun and easy.

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Breakfast or Brunch

trying to bake your eggs or prepare your breakfast/brunch on a weekend morning? try at your table with your family!

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Fun pancakes

Kinds are just back from school? Try to treat them with some pancakes. They can make the pancakes themselves now.

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Baking on Candles

Isn’t it great that you can bake on only a few candles? You will be amazed of the heat it is producing and how great it works. So no electricity, gas or charcoal needed and to enjoy everywhere.

Children's favorite

It has to be said children love to do (fun)cooking with the Fromagette. And you will be enjoyed by their pleasure. You can join making raclette, breakfast or pancakes together at the dining table.

How it works

Watch the video and you will see how it’s works. And getting you in the mood.

4 colors

The Fromagette is available in four colors, white, yellow, orange and red.

Making your own type of egg during breakfast. With cheese, bacon or mushrooms. The fromagette works on just a few candles. Enjoyable and tasty!